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Scam of the Week: Voice Changing “Catphish”

Scam of the Week: Voice Changing “Catphish”
April 29, 2021 Jerry Vallely

Scam of the Week: Voice Changing “Catphish”

Stock photo of a hackerIn a recent phishing attack that targets single men, cybercriminals show us how they use modern technology to trick their victims. The scam starts with the cybercriminal posing as a single woman and befriending their target on social media. Then, they start building rapport with the target through various interactions. Eventually, the cybercriminal sends audio messages with a woman’s voice to convince their target that they are who they claim to be.

The target doesn’t know it, but the cybercriminal is actually using a voice changing software to disguise their true identity. If the target falls for the fake audio messages, they receive a video file of their newfound love interest. Except, the file is actually a dangerous piece of malware designed to grant the cybercriminals access to the victim’s entire system.

This tactic isn’t exclusive to romantic scams, so be sure to remember these tips:

  • Keep your social media accounts private and only accept friend requests from people that you know and trust.
  • If you meet someone online, be sure to verify their identity. You could use a search engine to find their other social media profiles or simply ask to have a video call to make a face-to-face connection.
  • Remember that cybercriminals can use more than just links within emails to phish for your information. Always think before you click!

Stop, Look, and Think. Don’t be fooled.