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Creating A Thriving Transit Community

Creating A Thriving Transit Community
November 30, 2020 Jerry Vallely

Kevin Scott, General Manager of Field Security at Metro Transit

Creating a Thriving Transit Community

Kevin Scott, General Manager of Field Security 

The safety and security of our region’s public transit system has taken another significant step forward with the implementation of a new Ride and Abide policy. Developed in collaboration with regional leaders and law enforcement partners, this new Metro Transit policy is an important tool that allows us to suspend transit privileges for individuals who repeatedly engage in prohibited conduct or whose behavior is determined to be unacceptably offensive or serious while on Metro Transit.

While serious incidents and crimes on our system are rare, they do occur, and a thorough analysis of the crime data reveals the majority of these more serious incidents result from the actions of a very small number of individuals. Through the new Ride and Abide policy, we can now directly address those violators. The focus is not to address minor offenses, like eating on the train or not validating your ticket. This new policy puts individuals who engage in serious, unacceptable behavior on alert that their behavior will not be tolerated.

The length of suspension of transit privileges is determined on a case-by-case basis, but certain criteria will apply to all. For the first offense, the suspension period will range from one day to six months. Anyone committing a second offense will face a suspension period of more than twelve months, up to a permanent suspension of transit privileges. A suspension in excess of twelve months for the first offense may be issued if it is determined the individual poses an immediate and serious threat to the safety of the Metro Transit system. If an individual returns to the Metro Transit system during their suspension period, then the individual may be subject to arrest and criminal prosecution.

We are already enforcing the Ride and Abide Policy and several individuals currently have their transit privileges suspended for conduct that includes major property damage, assault and disorderly conduct. Any passenger whose transit privileges are suspended is entitled to a review, and is informed through a written notice which includes a description of the conduct that led to the suspension and instructions for requesting a review.

We firmly believe this new policy is already helping us deliver on our commitment to continue to operate a safe transit system that provides millions of trips each year. Safety and security is our top priority every single day. We want our riders to enjoy a safe, comfortable, and convenient transit experience on Metro. To achieve that, we expect everyone who rides Metro Transit to follow our Passenger Code of Conduct; a reasonable set of rules and guidelines that reinforce respecting fellow riders. Through an expectation of mutual respect and compliance, together, we can create a positive and thriving transit community.

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