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Team Member Survives and Struts Proudly

Team Member Survives and Struts Proudly
October 23, 2020 Jerry Vallely
BSD Employee Lisa Davis

Lisa Davis, an 18-year veteran, has worked as a Metro Call-A-Ride operator, but currently works as a MetroBus operator/TSM reservist at the Brentwood MetroBus Facility. Lisa proudly strutted alongside 15 of her team members at Brentwood’s Sista Strut 2K walk last Friday.

She has a lot to be proud of. In April 2011, she was diagnosed with Stage III breast cancer after she felt a lump underneath her arm pit. “I was devastated and in denial,” she said. “I couldn’t believe it!”

Lisa credits one of her co-workers with helping to save her life. “Thankfully, Senior Transit Service Manager Donna Holmes made me go get tested. If it wasn’t for her, I don’t know if I would be here.”

Lisa underwent treatment for about 1½ years, which included surgery, and intense chemotherapy and radiation. Amazingly, she showed up to work and drove the bus during the entire time she received treatment. Although next year will mark a milestone for Lisa – 10 years since her diagnosis – this year is the first time her oncologist has told her that future visits to the doctor will be yearly.

Lisa encourages all women to get an annual mammogram, maintain a healthy diet and exercise. “Walking in the Sista Strut and Komen events each year means a lot to me. I am so grateful for my faith in God and my support system that got me through this, especially my co-workers at Metro,” she said.

She also chuckles when she thinks about how her priorities changed after her battle with cancer. “I lost all my hair, which was devastating!” she said. “I was such a hair person and that woke me up to the fact that there’s more to life than just hair – I’m alive!”

Lisa was among 150 BSD team members who participated in the 2K walks that included six facilities.  BSD is also a proud sponsor of the annual event. Thank you to our facility organizers and everyone who participated!