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Vision | Mission | Values

Vision | Mission | Values


A More Connected, Vibrant, Thriving Region


Improve the quality of life in the St. Louis region by delivering excellent public services and dynamic regional solutions

Core Values:

Team Member Focus

Our team members are the core of every business we operate. Care, trust, a sense of belonging and recognition creates a culture that helps us thrive in any environment. The experiences we gain, together, build a stronger sense of “Always Moving. Together.”

  • We care about team members and their impact on BSD, their families, and our community
  • We trust and empower team members to grow, develop, and flourish
  • We regularly recognize the contributions and talents of all team members 
  • We celebrate successes; big and small

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

We are passionately committed to cultivating a culture that celebrates diversity, equity and inclusion. We empower team members to make a difference every day.

  • We respect, value, welcome and appreciate everyone 
  • We see differently and foster a workplace where open learning takes us beyond our individual lens of experience
  • We seek collaboration at all levels, encouraging meaningful dialogue where everyone feels they belong

Customer First

We consider all customers to be our top priority and strive to build respectful relationships with those we serve. Being consistent, reliable, and accessible propels a customer experience that exceeds expectations.

  • We value and respect all customers
  • We anticipate and quickly respond to the needs of all customers 
  • We listen and seek feedback to improve the customer experience



We value our team’s ability to respect and honor the commitments of BSD to our communities and each other.

  • We take ownership for our actions and honor commitments; no excuses 
  • We are committed to being available and responsive 
  • We drive performance by setting clear expectations through frequent, open dialogue


Fiscal Responsibility

We continually seek actions, measures, and innovations to improve and optimize the financial health of BSD.

  • We encourage team members to develop and implement best practices that reflect financial stewardship to the individuals and communities we serve 
  • We look to team members to be subject matter experts
  • We communicate the importance of financial responsibility to all team members and engage them as active partners


Safety & Security

We place the physical, mental and emotional well-being of team members and our customers above all else.

  • We foster a safe-place environment for our team members and customers 
  • We utilize ongoing training to promote a safety-first culture
  • We are proactive and take appropriate measures to maintain data security